About Our Building Cleaning Services in Detroit, MI

Anago of Metro Detroit is a commercial cleaning company that services businesses with workspaces of 1,000 square-foot offices to 200,000-square foot manufacturing facilities. Our methodically trained custodial cleaning crews are available for cleaning 24/7 for daily, weekly and monthly cleanings. We even offer green building cleaning services in Detroit and surrounding cities, for companies concerned with the size of their environmental footprint.

Known throughout the industry as the best floor cleaning company in the Metro Detroit area, we have experience with vinyl, carpet, and ceramic commercial flooring. Our open communication policy with clients, detailed custodial checklist, SmartClean™ plan, environmentally friendly products and exceptional staff are just a few of the reasons why Anago of Metro Detroit’s building cleaning services been so successful.

Several industry-specific areas we cover as a cleaning service Detroit include:

Complete customer satisfaction is a goal that the Anago of Metro Detroit team works towards every day. Our helpful customer service representatives are available any time of the day or night. They will happily take care of any emergencies, comments or questions that you have with a deployed cleaning crew within two hours of your call. It is our commercial cleaning company’s policy and desire to establish an open line of communication with every client to discuss project challenges, progress, issues, and accomplishments.

Professional Building Cleaning Services in Detroit and the Surrounding Areas

Anago is hailed as one of the premier green janitorial companies in the Metro Detroit area. At the forefront of the environmentally-conscious movement that is sweeping the nation, Anago Clean Systems provides environmentally safe building cleaning services in Detroit to clients across all industries. With our state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, you never have to compromise sanitation when using all-natural products.

The cornerstone of Anago of Metro Detroit’s commercial cleaning success is our patented SmartClean™ system. These 5-step/10-step restroom and office cleaning guides are the blueprints that our team follows for consistently spectacular results. Our custodians approach every client’s workplace with the same systematic and methodical approach that is outlined in the SmartClean™ system. It’s what makes Anago the top cleaning service Detroit.

We value your business. Let us focus on what we do best so we can help you become more productive, cleaner and healthier. Through customer surveys and periodic inspections, we ensure that our building cleaning services in Detroit are just as fantastic as the first day you hired our team. Anago of Metro Detroit’s 100% satisfaction guarantee is our promise that you will love what you see every time you come to work.

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