A Green Cleaning Service in Detroit

Searching for Green Cleaning Services? Anago Has You Covered

Over the past several years, there has been a push for providers who offer a green cleaning service in the Metro Detroit area. Residents and businesses alike have taken up the cause and are searching for more environmentally responsible cleaning companies. Anago of Metro Detroit is one of the leaders of this movement, as the company is part of the U.S. Green Building Council and is a Green Seal Certified Company.

Anago of Metro Detroit uses natural and eco-friendly cleaning products to service the following industries:

  • Government buildings
  • Places of worship
  • Restaurants
  • Auditoriums
  • Daycare centers
  • Financial institutions
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Hotels
  • Doctors offices and more

Cleanliness standards are never compromised when using Anago of Metro Detroit’s cutting-edge green cleaning service technology. Our janitorial teams are trained on how to measure and mix precise amounts of solution and how to reduce waste. Anago’s green cleaning technology is the best available on the market, and we are always on the lookout for new inventions and more powerful eco-friendly solutions for a better clean.

By hiring our environmentally friendly cleaning services, you create a cleaner workspace that is safer for employees and guests. Harsh chemical cleaners are a health hazard and can create unpleasant fumes. Our natural products will still provide the deep clean that Anago customers are used to without any troublesome side effects.

In order to achieve the maximum level of clean with our environmental cleaning solutions, Anago of Metro Detroit custodians use a few specialized pieces of equipment including:

Microfiber systems

The microfiber cloths and mops that our custodians use clean more without using so many products to get the job done.

Floor matting

Using recycled floor mats keeps contaminants from finding their way into your workspace, building or warehouse.

Green cleaning solutions

Because all of our green cleaning products need to be mixed before they are used, our custodial staff are trained in the proper dispensing techniques and solution ratios.

Multi-filtration (HEPA/ULPA) vacuums

The average office employee spends Monday through Friday indoors for eight hours a day. If the quality of the air in the office is poor, then employees can become sick, have increased allergies, become lethargic and even be less productive. Anago of Metro Detroit’s HEPA/ULPA vacuums eliminate 99.97% of airborne allergies and germs, improving the quality of your office air.

Environmentally safe cleaning solutions

Our environmentally friendly cleaning solutions are packaged with eco-responsible materials. Most of them carry the Green Seal of Approval and many products are reusable.

The green cleaning service offered by Anago of Metro Detroit are your best option for an environmentally friendly cleaning service. We utilize the best technology, cleaning products, and proven methods to deliver the most stunning results each and every time. We strive to clean better, faster and greener! Contact us today for a free on-site quote.

Anago Cleaning Systems of Metro Detroit provides commercial cleaning services in the following cities and neighborhoods in Michigan:

Detroit, Wayne, Dearborn, Westland, Livonia, Canton Township, Plymouth, Taylor, Redford, Dearborn Heights, Romulus, Garden City, Inkster, Southgate, Lincoln Park, Belleville, Allen Park, Ecorse, Hamtramck, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Pontiac, Troy, Rochester, Royal Oak, Birmingham, Southfield, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills, Ferndale, Berkley, Madison Heights, Clawson, Oak Park