Anago offers effective disinfecting services for businesses, offices, and many other commercial facilities in West Bloomfield Township and Surrounding Areas

With COVID-19 affecting hundreds of thousands of people in the United States, Anago of Metro Detroit is committed to providing commercial businesses with eco-friendly disinfecting services that work. The Coronavirus can remain alive and active for hours on some surfaces and days on others. Your employees deserve a workplace they can feel comfortable being in, one that has been thoroughly disinfected and cleaned.

Making Your Business Safe from Germs and Viruses

As one of the leading commercial cleaning services in the Metro Detroit area, our franchisees are committed to providing disinfecting services designed not only to eliminate COVID-19 but also 99.9% of all others. Our franchisees have received the latest training and follow all CDC, FDA, EPA, and WHO recommendations and practices to protect their employees and yours.

Our franchisees offer our “Deep Cleaning Service” that goes beyond the routine cleaning and targets the most commonly infected areas such as door handles, light switches, keyboards, appliance and cabinet handles, bathroom fixtures, and many others. Our franchisees can also target any special areas per their client’s requests by creating a custom disinfection plan.

The supplies our franchisees use to disinfect your business have been found by the CDC to eliminate the Coronavirus. While it is industrial strength and strong enough to destroy germs and viruses, it’s designed not to do the same to our planet. Our franchisees’ cleaning procedures meet all current OSHA regulations to protect our franchisees’ employees and clients.

Putting an End to Disease

The current situation with COVID-19 is dire and at Anago, our franchisees understand the need for the safety and health of all employees and everyone who enters your facility. You cannot afford to take any chances; you need our franchisees’ professional and effective commercial disinfecting services. To learn more about our franchisees’ services and schedule a no-cost, no-obligation inspection and quote, contact Anago of Metro Detroit today at 248-886-4832.