Anago of Metro Detroit’s Floor & Carpet Cleaning Services – Carpet, Tile, and Grout Cleaning

Adequate commercial floor cleaning for businesses in Detroit can generally be a challenge, especially during the harsh winters of Illinois. Employees and visitors track dirt, snow, road salts and slush into your workplace, dirtying carpets and muddying tiles. Stained carpets and less-than-spotless floors leave a bad impression on both guests and workers.

Our franchisees provides customized commercial floor cleaning services for a variety of surfaces including ceramic tile, vinyl sheet flooring, carpet cleaning services, and more. From grout cleaning to hot water extraction, let our franchisees’ professionals handle all of your commercial floor maintenance needs.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Detroit and the Surrounding Areas

Managing commercial carpet cleaning for both expansive and small workspaces can be a challenge. Because dirt and stains can seep into the lower layers of carpeting, blemishes oftentimes need a deep and aggressive stain removal strategy. Our franchisees’ professional carpet cleaning services staff as well-versed in the following best practices:

  • Steam cleaning
  • Spot cleaning
  • Encapsulation cleaning
  • Bonnet cleaning
  • Hot water extraction cleaning

In addition to professional carpet cleaning services that make your floors look new, our Anago franchise owners also offer the following supplementary cleaning services: blind cleaning, air duct cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and window cleaning. Whatever your custodial needs are, our franchisees have you covered.

Vinyl Tile/Sheet Flooring Cleaning

Vinyl floors require a separate set of cleaning skills than carpets. Our franchisees’ business model trains teams to be specialized in one or more specific cleaning services, ensuring the proper detailing of every surface. When it comes to vinyl flooring there are three ways that our franchisees’ janitors can renew the look and shine of your floors:

Top wax scrub and recoat:

If your floors have recently been waxed and no yellowing or scuffing has occurred, it is possible to refresh the floor with a top wax scrub.

Spray buff:

A quick mop, a thin layer of wax/water mixture, and a machine buff will take care of any small and superficial scuffs your floor might have.

Strip, Seal, and Wax:

Should the wax from your last floor treatment become extremely scuffed up or yellow, a strip, seal, and wax may be necessary. Our franchisees’ skilled commercial floor care technicians will strip (remove) the wax that was previously applied to your flooring and then seal the floor again with several coats of new high-solids sealer-enriched wax.

Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaning

Ceramic tile and grout are extremely popular building materials that are utilized as flooring everywhere from government buildings to retail stores and office spaces. Infrequent or improper ceramic tile care can leave these floors looking dingy, grimy and washed-out. Restore the look of your floors with our franchisees’ industry-leading grout cleaning methods for vibrant, clean and shiny tile.

The process starts with a low-speed floor scrub which removes the vast majority of the dirt and grime from the top of the tile itself. Next, a wet-dry vacuum is used to remove what was left behind by the low-speed scrub. Finally, our franchisees’ janitorial staff hand-scrubs all of the hard-to-reach and stubborn areas where dirt has stuck through the first two steps of the grout cleaning treatment.

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