Commercial Floor Cleaning Services – Floor Buffing and Polishing in Detroit, MI

Often, it takes a lot more than a broom and mop to maintain attractive, shiny floors. Typically, commercial floor cleaning services like buffing and polishing are required to restore and keep a sparkling, glossy appearance. Hardwood, marble, and ceramic tile, among other flooring types, require special attention, particularly in business locales that see a lot of traffic. While it is indeed essential to employ the use of both elements, buffing and polishing generate differing results. As such, it’s important to understand these two different techniques, including what they can specifically do for your company’s flooring.

Understanding Buffing and Polishing Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

Buffing: Using a buffer at low or high speeds, floors are further cleaned, removing additional dirt and moisture that regular cleaning did not pick up. While this technique does, in fact, restore some smoothness and gloss to hard surfacing, it does not produce the same wet-look gloss that polishing – or burnishing – does.

Polishing/Burnishing: For an optimal shine that results in a wet-look gloss, you’ll need polishing at a higher speed. Operating from 1,500 to 2,500 RPM, a burnisher is capable of creating a shinier polish. Typically, a two-step process is employed to get a wet-look gloss, the first being buffing, the second further polishing with a burnisher.

How Often Should I Get My Floors Buffed?

Since there’s usually a lot of foot traffic in places of business, Anago recommends regular buffing every month for floors to maintain their shiny, pleasing appearance. The more often the hard surfacing is polished, the more appealing it’ll look. No doubt, both employees and clients will appreciate what seems to be the perpetual like-new appearance of your floors.

Lastly, regular buffing and polishing prolong the lifespan of hard surfacing. That’s because this process extracts excess buildup over time, removing scratches, gunk, and debris. In essence, commercial floor cleaning services like polishing help to save on eventual costs, since it can indeed extend the longevity of your surfacing.

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