Quality Commercial Cleaners in Inkster, MI

Finding high-quality commercial cleaners can be absurdly difficult, especially in the Inkster, MI region. Often, you’re stuck compromising either requirements or budget. But there’s no need to feel stuck, thanks to Anago! With our franchisees friendly, skilled teams, you can bid farewell to all the nonsense you’ve had to put up with from other agencies. Finally, there’s no reason to lower your standards for commercial or business cleaning!

Our Franchisees’ Commercial Cleaners Provide Many Services

Thanks to our franchisees’ top-notch, friendly crew, you can forget about overseeing sanitation services from now on. With Anago, you’re ensured every detail, from gum stuck on the entryway carpet to cobwebs in the storage rooms, is addressed and solved. Our franchisees’ budget-friendly services include:

  • Mirrors, Windows, and Glass Surfaces: Mirrors and glass surfaces become dirty very quickly. We remove smudges, streaks, fingerprints, and other unsightly traces, returning them to their former shine.
  • Switch Plates, Doors, and Walls: These are areas that are repeatedly touched, leaving them in constant need of sanitizing. Our franchisees perform regular checks, and clean these places accordingly, ensuring no film, dust, deposits, stains, or marks are left behind.
  • Dusting and Detailing of Showroom Items, Telephones, Equipment, and Furniture: Our franchisees sanitize everything in sight, including showroom, office or building items, telephones, thermostats, furniture, and fire extinguishers. Pictures, paintings, and framed pieces are inspected, dusted, and cleaned to ensure they are free from streaks, stains, smudges, and fingerprints.
  • High/Hard-to-Reach Dusting: In many workplaces, factories, and companies, there are high ceilings, creating lots of hard-to-reach areas that need dusting. Our specialized crews bring the necessary equipment to perform the task, guaranteeing all areas are dirt-free. Typically, this includes places like ledges, ceiling fans, window blinds, hanging plants and decorations.
  • Waste Disposal and Management: Garbage can pile up fast, quickly getting out of hand. Whether it’s a few trash bags or an entire building’s worth of rubbish, our pros collect, pack, and dispose of waste.

Wayne County Commercial Cleaners

Our franchisees have had roots in Inkster for many decades now, though not as long as Henry Ford’s original 1930’s factories! As we’ve called this lovely little town our home for so long, our franchisees have grown alongside it, watching various businesses and shops come and go. From the very beginning, we’ve also felt a sense of responsibility towards Inkster, and our franchisees goal is to keep this beautiful community remaining pristine. From the Lower Rouge Parkway to Inkster WETlands, we’re keeping an eye on our precious outdoor environment. Though, rest assured, we’ll always maintain your businesses equally sparkling clean! So, if you run a shop like the Workitout Cafe or a restaurant like Love’s Famous Barbeque, you can count on us for exceptional service.