Environmentally Responsible Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Lincoln Park, MI

Lincoln Park was once known as the place where many automobile and steel mill workers from neighboring Detroit lived. It developed to become what is referred to as a “bedroom community”. The workers, particularly those who worked for Henry Ford for $5 a day, were able to buy houses in the area and settled there.

Lincoln Park became a village in 1921 and became a city in 1925, according to its official website. Today, the city is home to recreational facilities, schools and many businesses. It also has a number of parks, and it has its own museum of local history. Great local businesses make their home in Lincoln Park, and there is a great demand for commercial carpet cleaning services in the area.

Anago of Metro Detroit is a pioneer in commercial cleaning and provides efficient cleaning services. With our extensive experience, we at Anago assure you that you can have peace of mind when you outsource your cleaning to us.

Our cleaning staff are trained to target hot spots—high-traffic and high-touch areas—that are the most visible to people, particularly in offices, condominiums, hotels and restaurants. However, they also handle areas not usually frequented by people, or those with a lot less traffic and not as visible to others. Our cleaners can do the job quickly while staying out of the way of your business operation.

And because no two buildings are the same, we don’t just employ a routine commercial carpet cleaning process. Instead, we customize the work so that it is tailor-made to suit your specific needs—and your budget. We follow a number of steps before we begin the cleaning process. After our initial consultation, we conduct a walk-through of the target area, go over the customized plan and make adjustments if necessary.

Our services do not end there. Within the first month of giving our services, we will maintain communication with you so we can assess the efficiency of the customized plan. These steps help us deliver consistent clean every single time.

If you’re from Lincoln Park and you’re looking for a good commercial carpet cleaning service, look us up and we’ll be happy to serve you.