As a busy business owner, you have an overwhelming amount of things to manage, from overseeing employees to balancing the yearly budget. Luckily, when you hire a professional cleaning company in Southgate, MI, it’s one less situation to deal with, one less thing on your list to manage. Once you use an Anago cleaning crew, you’ll quickly realize that they’re not your average bunch of workers. Anago franchise owners are keen team with exceptionally high standards of work. In the end, your cleaning needs are their overall goals.

Anago, A Multipurpose Cleaning Company

Our franchisees offer a large range of sanitation methods and utilize eco-friendly products, all while providing a budget-friendly, personalized service. Our franchisees want your business to have a satisfying experience, one that is custom-tailored to your specific company. Our franchisees’ cleaners will give an initial consultation and find out your overall goals, allowing them to offer advice that will help you decide on the type of services you’d like for your business.

Our franchisees’ professional staff offers different cleaning company services, including:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Monthly contract cleaning
  • Full-time housekeeping
  • Seasonal building and restaurant upkeep
  • Janitorial assistance
  • Kitchen and bathroom sterilization
  • Office cleaning during operations or after renovations

The History of Anago in Southgate, MI Businesses

When we think of Southgate, we’re excited to call this vibrant town our home, a place filled with safe neighborhoods, caring families, and pleasant people. With such a gorgeous vista of rolling hills and waterfront, it’s no wonder why our home is known as the “Heart” of Downriver! The wonderful thing is, our cleaners are part of your community and live in the very same town as your family. So, the next time you’re enjoying Teriyaki at the Black Pine Tree Sushi Bar or stew at the Hungarian Rhapsody Restaurant, you may run into a familiar Anago smile.